Google Chrome 81 Browser Released Today: Changes


Google released Chrome 81 , a new stable version of the company’s web browser to public. The company announced previously that it would skip Chrome 82 to jump straight to Chrome 82 and the Chrome 83 would be released three weeks early in the middle of May.

Chrome 81 is being rolled out on all platforms desktop, Android, Linux and MacOS, Desktop users can enforce the upgrade to the new version by selecting Menu > Help > About Google Chrome. The browser will pick up the new version when the page to download and install this update on the laptop, desktop. You browser need to restart again to complete the update.

Chrome should list version 81.0.4044.91 as the latest version after the update shows on the About section in Chrome page.

Chrome Browser Screenshot :

The Google fixed atmost 32 security issues in the new version of the web browser, some of them rated as high. The Google highlights the following changes in Chrome 81.

  • Web VR Hit Testing – An API that developers may use to place “virtual objects” into the camera’s view of the real world.
  • App icon badging – The feature has graduated and may now be used by any site without restriction. It allows sites to place a bade on their icon to indicate that updates are available.
  • Web NFC – New Origin trial in Chrome 81, this one allow web applications to read and write to NFC tags.
  • Media sessions API supports tracking the position state.
  • Chrome 81 will upgrade images that are loaded via HTTP on HTTPS sites to HTTPS automatically , block them. It is possible that images won’t load anymore on some sites.

credits: ghacks