Google Chrome 85 will try without showing the full URL address for security

Google Chrome browser does like to show full browser address bar in the next version of Chrome 85 version, It will show address bar in half of it due to security reasons.

Report published on Android Police that in the latest Chrome Browser Canary and Dev Channels. Google added a series of new flag designed to cancel the display of the complete URL in the address bar.

The new logo is called “Omnibox hide Steady-State URL Path, Query and Ref”. When you enabled in flags, It hides everything expect the root domain of the address where you being visited.

There are two additional logos, These two logos will display which complete address when you hover over the address bar and it hides the complete address after you interact with the page.

This step taken by Mozilla Firefox already in the past but now Google’s made adjustment of the address bar is for security reasons is concerned that maliciously crafted long URL will deceive users and make them think that they are visiting a certain website.