Google Chrome 89 rebuild on x64 bit platform features “freeze-dried tabs”

Google recently has introduced a new rebuild version of Google Chrome version 89 with revamped profiles, reading lists, and freeze-dried tabs in Android. Google Chrome now runs on x64 bit platform.

They are improving performance in Chrome 89 with one of the improvements being freeze-dried tabs. Google claims Chrome on Android starts up 13% faster than the previous version 88.

Chrome now saves a lightweight version of your tabs that are similar in size to a screenshot but support scrolling, zoom, and tapping on links. The use of this feature “Freeze-Dried Tabs” at startups while the actual tabs load in the background getting you to your page opens faster.

Google has also confirmed which devices will be getting the 64-bit version of Chrome. Google said in a blog post yesterday, “Our teams are always working hard to bring you the fastest and most powerful browser on Android OS. We are very excited to bring you these performance improvements much faster every four weeks of consideration for the update cycle.

The Google Chrome 89 browser is also smarter about using discarding memory and reclaiming up to 100MB per tag by discarding memory that the foreground tab is not actively using.