Google Chrome launches 95.04639 emergency update

Google Chrome announced version 95.04639 reports an emergency update version fixes two more serious zero-day vulnerabilities.

Google Fixed the following two vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2021-3800 is about insufficient verification of untrusted input was marked as severe was discovered by the Google Security Threat Team on September 15.
  • CVE-2021-38003 is a high severity “improper implementation” error in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. This vulnerability was discovered and reported on October 24.

Google advises users will need to update immediately with fixed 5 other vulnerabilities. Google has fixed 15 zero-day vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser is now making finding those tabs easier with Fuzzy Search in Tab Search UI the Canary version.

What is Fuzzy Search?

Fuzzy Search for a specific word or phrase, a list of matching results will be displayed results, in the case of tab search.

How to enable Fuzzy Search for Tab Search in Google Chrome

  • Launch the Chrome Browser
  • Visit Chrome://flags in the URL
  • Search for “Fuzzy”, in the dropdown arrow for “Fuzzy Search for Tab Search”, select enabled and restart your browser.
  • Google is offering small, medium and large options for Fuzzy level.
  • You can choose anyone of them.

How to use Fuzzy Search in Chrome Browser

  • Open Chrome
  • Visit Some websites and press ctrl + shift+A or click on the down arrow in the toolbar.
  • Type any query related to a website you have opened in your tabs, fuzzy search results will be displayed for the same.

What’s your option on Tab Search’s new Feature? Let us know in the comments section below?