Google Chrome uses the HTTPS default Rule when typing in URLs with 90 version

Google has finally added a new feature this year to use the HTTPS default rule when a user typing in URLs with version 90.

Chrome 90 for desktop and Andriod rolled out to the beta channels with an AV1 encoded to improve video conferencing, improved page load times will also include by default HTTPS.

This will only improve privacy before visiting the encrypting websites with HTTPS secure Rule. Google blog explains, Chrome users who navigate to websites by manually typing a URL often don’t include HTTP.// or HTTPS:/.

For example, “ in the address bar, For now, Chrome will be automated reflect the secure HTTPS address by default. In case, The website doesn’t have secure HTTPS, it will warn users of an untrusted self-signed certification prompt message.

The update will testing in the version Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary only. It will roll out to Chrome on iOS in four weeks. Android versions already update to Chrome 90.