Google Chrome browser supports new PiP mode exposed the video conferencing tools

Google is reportedly adding a user-friendly new feature to the Google services such as Reading List, Media Controls, QR Code, and video conferencing feature.

Google Chrome Canary only added support for Reading List in the form of a Chrome Flag that enables the feature in version 89 of the browser that released on March 9. According to a report by Android Police.

However, Google Photos to expand its AI-enabled Memories section in the Photos tab has now spotted with new feature “In the Spotlight” seems to be automatically detecting all kinds of user’s places location abled suggestions timeline-based stories rival Instagram stories.

Google Chrome also announced the abandonment of third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are useful to track the user’s browser activities while browsing. At present, Google’s entire digital economy is based on third-party cookies, but Google will remove this feature in sometime next year in 2022.

Third-party cookies mark specific users with different strings has allowing websites to display advertisements in a target manner. If user see an advertisement for something, they are interested in more like to click and buy.

These features found in Chrome Beta and Google Photos beta applications. It may take a week or longer to arrive in all Google Play Store update.