Google Chrome is testing a new feature “Memories” to easily manage your web history

Google began testing a new experimental feature called ‘Memories” on Google Chrome Canary build. Memories features that users able to manage their web history while browsing.

Memories feature was first seen, according to Techdows. The Memories will be able to all Google Chrome Canary build under an experimental feature that provides users to check its Chrome user’s web activity i.e browsing history in one place.

The feature will take some time yet to available in the stable version. In memories. the place will include things like bookmarks, tab groups and Chrome history. A search bar will allow users to easily navigate through their old were activity.

In the Google Chrome Canary and user can check by following the steps:

  • Open Chrome Canary
  • Type chrome:// flags in the URL box
  • You’ll see a search box, where you’ll need to type memories
  • Enable the flag

Chrome is also getting a new PDF reader feature which providing feature ability to share specific text on a web page with the help of Google lens integration. Meanwhile, Google Chrome rival Microsoft Edge is getting Kids mode in the browser in the latest version 91.XX

As reports say that, the descriptions of the Memories feature are yet to make their debut on Linux, Chrome OS and Android. It is available only in the Windows version.