Google , Facebook announced work form home till end this year 2020

The Tech Gaints Google and Facebook announced today, they will let most of their workforces to work from home through out this end of this year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic scared everyone in the world to maintain social distancing, keep masks on their faces, clean everything to dis-infected corona virus in home, offices and every places around the countries.

Lockdown situation forced to stay at home while working people are allowed to work from home in this year as reported came out CNBC, BBC news. Google employees will be able to walk into their offices starting this July while others most of them could wait to work again in Google office were told to stay at home while working as reveals by Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

The Facebook will open most of its office from July 6 as per report by CNBC report. The social networking company said the process of employees layoff while most of people asked to stay at home or work from home till end of this year.

These toughest measurements are being taken by Google and Facebook in fights with the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook employee have been working from home since March. Facebook cancelled its physical conference this year and events and move to the next year June 2021.