Google faces new antitrust case in India over modifying Android OS in the Smart TV market

Alphabet Inc’s Google is facing a new anti trust case in India in which the U.S tech giant is faced a new antitrust challenge its Android operating system’s position in smart television market, a source said two lawyers involved in case.

The Competiton Commission of India ( CCI ) has been looking into allegations that Google engages in anti-competitive practices by creating barriers for firms wanting to use or develop modified version of Android on smart TV such a Amazon Fire TVs operating system.

Anti Trust Case against Google

The case has been filled by two antitrust lawyers both confirmed against Google for modified its Android OS in the smart Television or Wi-Fi enabled TVs with apps for streaming services like Netflix and YouTube rapidly increasing in the India during COVID-19 Pandemic.

For example, if a company sold smartphone based on Google’s Android, it cannot sells smart TVs running on other platforms like the Amazon Fire TV system , according to the case against Google sources said, just like Google withdraw Google Mobile Services from Huawei smartphones.

If a company’s smart TV is using Amazon’s Fire operating system, then that company is restricted from offering GMS services or the Google maps on its smartphone. This is way bad Google’s Monopoly.

Since, Google removed Paytm Payment App, Indian popular payment system due to violating Play Policies in few weeks later, Many Indian startups come together in demanding Indian own App store in downloading and uploading local made apps in India.

Paytm officially confirmed that PayTm Mini App Store has launched with 300 mobile services and partner Paytm First Games announced a virtual meeting on 8th October to come and join Indian developers to create Home made applications in India via its PayTM Mini App Store Platform.