Google introduced a new app optimization feature on the Play Store app

Google rumored to working on providing a user-based experience app install optimization opt-in feature on the Play Store App.

According to the 9to5Google feature is turned on, Google will provide you a small way to interact with a newly installed app or which parts of the app you accessed when a user opened the recent app.

Google will collect app data from a large user base and combine it together with the help of machine learning where you turn on app install optimization, Google can tell which parts of an app, you used for the first time you open it recall it after installation completed.

Google’s self-optimization feature on the Play Store app is seemed to be the oldest feature which has found in the Android 11 setting “Privacy” as Personalise using app data. This feature will be turned on by default If you turn off this feature in the privacy setting app.

This feature will provide a google made app optimization in the Pixel launcher with the help of app data. In the recent update in beta, This feature will move to Google Play Store which will seen in upcoming updates under the General Setting.

A well-known software engineer named @alex193a tipped his screenshot to show this feature

Google blog notes that the App install optimization feature doesn’t collect any personal data such as email address, your name, or content stored on your device. Google says it will use the crowdsourced data to:

  • Speed up installation for apps from Google Play.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to open and run apps.
  • Reduce strain on your device CPU battery and storage.

Google made this feature in the testing build at the time of this post, the feature about App optimizations is opt-in and users have to turn it on by themselves, if you disable the feature will store collected data from other users.

The feature wasn’t available on your device running the Google Play Store version 25.09.21. We’ll keep an eye out on the feature and make sure to let our readers know about the update.