Google is considering privacy protection similar to Apple

Alphabet Inc owned Google is considering implementing less strict privacy requirements in the next version of Google Android 12. but it may implement with “less stringent”.

In the Apple iOS 14.4 feature that required all apps to be reminded when using user data , they want to allow app to use their data or refuse. Meanwhile Google is giant popular search engine works on advertisement revence since , it will enable privacy protections in the Android 12 in less way then Apple did it.

Facebook already consider legal challenge with Apple privacy protection feature in the U.S. This approach has been resisted by advertisers and some App developers that is very good news for users. Therefore, Google is also considering adding similar measures in the ecosystem.

In Apple iOS 14.5, Apple requires developers to obtain user consent in order to track their activities in other applications and websites or access random advertising identifies for their devices.

How this will works?

When you will open an applications in iOS that you want to track its activities, you will be clearly promoted, and there should be option prompt that includes “allow tracking or “require applications not to track”.

Apple Privacy Label

A Google spokesperson said in a statement to the report, “We are looking for better ways to work in terms of privacy standards while building a healthy , ad-supported application ecosystem”.

For Google, it is harder to do this than Apple and their whole business model that needs more user data in every seconds. Therefore, it is also an opposite action to seek a way to balance privacy protection and advertisers interests.