Google is rolling out End-to-End encrypted messaging is now available for more users

Google finally rolling out end-to-end encryption for select Google Messages beta users who have enabled chat, Google implemented RCS services in most parts of the world.

Google ensures the end-to-end encryption that conversation stays encrypted from when they leave your smartphone once the other end users sending and receiving the message. There is no server-side decryption that allows the data can’t be collected in the middle just like WhatsApp and Telegram did to users.

Google is rolling out to more users who use Google Messages. If you are using Chat services in the Google message beta, Both members of the conversation will need to ensure that they have enabled “Chat features” which enable Rich Communication Services ( RCS) in Google Messages.

They can easily accessed later, on can be good to mark information for later retrieval such as a Wi-Fi password. Be sure to check out the others features that have been added across multiple Google apps as well.

Google messages will ensure, you can ensure it quickly the user will now able to tag messages in the future. It will allow users to select and tag important messages to share with another person. It’s good to see Messages finally catching up with popular messaging like WhatsApp and Signal.

In Google Message, To star a message, simply long-press on the message, It will start rolling to Android users in the coming weeks. Gboard will soon get contextual Emoji Kitchen suggestions. Emoji Kitchen is a feature in Gboard that lets users pick two different emojis and merge them into one to create unique stickers.