Google Lens feature is now let you copy text from your phone to computer or much more

Google lens is one of the best company product let tool to discover images around the web. Google constancy improving the lens features that has impressed since its launch in Android. It comes by default in every Android smartphones present in the market.

Google Lens become very powerful tool for everyone. This feature Copy to PC are very welcome feature is being added in this lens tool. Google lens already had a great text recognition and now it can copy the scanned text to your phone’s clipboard.

It now let you sent to another device. You can a document and select , press tap to “Copy to computer option and choose device with the help of Chrome browser. Let’s check this out , how this feature works

This feature now let you translate words in every language easily while it let you pronounce words for you to understand the meaning of writing text clearly. Simple select text with lens and tap the “Listen” button to heart it. Check this out official YouTube Video on promoting feature.

The last feature added in the Google lens, In-line Google Search results can help you define words and phrases. Select text in the Google Lens and then you will see a pop-up in something a Google Search Tab slide up from the bottom bar with more information. All of these feature are rolling out to Android via update come in the Google Play Store.

To download lens app via Google lens : Click here