Google made changes in its Terms of Services


Google All New Terms of Services 2020

Google recently shows everyone a noticed bar in every browser , when anyone try to search on Google something.







The message says, “We are updating our Terms of Services. Get to know our new Terms of Services before they take effect on March 31, 2020″ has review and got it” button on it.

Most of the important changes in the new Terms of Services for far is that the updated terms apply to Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive as well

You can check out whole page summery here  to get an basic of important changes. Google published

A special page for Google Chrome and Chrome OS that summarizes the changes for these TOS

We added Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and Google Drive to the list of services that the Terms apply to. With this change, these services are governed by the Terms of Services and also a smaller set of service-specific additional terms.

Google notes added in the TOS , it treats customer data and that the updated terms do not “change the service that the company provides.

The updated terms will not change the service we provide to you. This change makes it easier to understand the general that apply to most Google services- which now Chrome and Chrome OS – alongside the services-specific additional terms and policies that apply to particular Google Products. Our privacy policies aren’t changing. The Google Privacy Policy still personal information you provide to Google when you use Chrome and Chrome OS.

In smaller words, what Google will do from March 31, 2020 onward, it will treat Google Chrome Browser and Chrome OS as equal to other company services.

One of the most important thing from that TOS will apply to Chrome users who don’t use a Google Account now. Those doesn’t users don’t get any Google Account will no options to control the data that collects and don’t get access to some other privacy related setting.


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