Google Messages will get an improved video sharing feature

Google reportedly working on Google Messages will get an improved video sharing feature on its platform in its next version.

Google Messages feature improved video sharing feature said to work by using Google Photos – another popular image editing application from Google.

What are Google Messages?

Google Messages is an SMS/RCS working application for sending messages with other people on its platform with the number need to register first with telecom carrier RCS service.

RCS describe as Rich Communication Services is working in all US and some countries users have now access to RCS a far more powerful messaging platform and an alternative to widely used-for text messaging protocol called short message or SMS is similar to Apple iOS messenger.

Why choose RCS over SMS?

RCS which stands for Rich Communication Service is a fundamental standard rather than apps like popular messaging service WhatsApp or Telegram.

RCS requires a data connection to your cellular service to work with cell networks and Wi-Fi.

SMS is a just text message to send messages with a limited 153 characters without sharing any images or video. RCS is way best-preferred option over SMS.

Google Message build 10.4 betas revealed a new option to enable images sharing option through Google Photos in the text (SMS/MMS)

Google Message RCS has never used an encrypted service to send messages to other users over WhatsApp and Telegram used cloud encryption.

The encryption feature will provide a random hash code in between sending the device to send messages in encrypted code to other received devices.

Google Message RCS getting Video Sharing Feature

The Google Photos website has pointed to receiving SMS/MSM within the app from the chat windows on iOS devices may be different in working with the Android platform that needs to open Google Photos link in a browser.

The image-sharing integration in Google Message will force mobile OEM to install Google Messages and Google Photos indivisibility to share images with SMS/MMS on any Android platform.