Google monitoring other android apps though Google Play Service – Says Report

Search Engine Giant Google Alphabet’s cooperation “Google” is accused of collecting data from rival apps to improve its services according to the new report

The information notes reveals that Google’s Android Lockbox service can still collect and store other’s users’s application data without the requirement of user’s permission without seeking the consent of a third-party app developer.

The Google officially claims to be using the app data to improve battery management said the source, the company’s internal team will referenced the same data set as it considered launching a competitive services overseas.

Inside the report notes , Google also monitors e-mail like competitive apps on Android devices such as Microsoft Outlook. As a regulators begin to pay attention to competition violation by technology companies as the news is heated to get more attention in the tech industry.

The program works via Google Mobile Services ( GMS ). The Google employee can reportedly see “sensitive” data about other apps including how often they’re opened and how long they’re used.