Google open’s up new operating system Fuchsia to external developers

In last four years, The Google is developing a new operating system called “Fuchsia”. Today, a new report claims that It is not based on the Linux Kernel, but uses a microkernel called “Zircon”.

It was developed “publicly” on a publicly browser able repository, no one really understand the purpose of the operating system from Google.

The company announced that it will expand its opening by seeking more participation from outside its company. Google has started that it created a new public mailing list for its project discussion.

The Google recent announcement emphasized that “Fuchsia“, the new operating system is not ready for general product development has it become a development target, but this announcement is likely to trigger more external discussions.

We know that “Fuchsia” is not necessarily a one-to-one replacement for Android or Chrome OS. The most interesting clue comes from the fact that was we know that it has been tested on the Hardware of Google smart speakers.

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