Google patches Chrome zero-day vulnerability being exploited


One of the zero-day vulnerability that is currently being exploited, Google released an update for Chrome that patches today three security bugs.


Previous week, The user named Clement Lecigne, a member of Google’s Threat Analysis Group was discovered a vulnerability under the identifier CVE-2020-6418. The vulnerability is being exploited in the wild, information on how it is being used is not public yet. The vulnerability has been patched in Chrome version 80.3976.122 update is rolling out to all Windows , Mac and Linux users today. Google confirmed it patched three security bugs today itself, but it doesn’t give us an idea about that when the patch will make its path to the mobile versions of the Android and iOS.

What do you mean CVE-2020-6418 vulnerability?

It is described as a “typed confusion in V8 Blink engine in Chrome component responsible for processing JavaScript code. Typed Confusion refereed to a logical bug that occurs when a program accesses resources using an incompatible type, leading to logical errors.

The vulnerability can allow attackers to run unrestricted code on the affected application.

Prof via vulnerability identifier


We suggest best for users to update their browsers to the latest version 80.0.3987.122 in Desktop and Android versions.

You can download the update using the offline installer here or if you click on three dot menu on Chrome > Help > About Chrome> It will install the latest version automatically.