Google releases Android 11 Beta 1 to pixel devices with bubble notification, device controls API

Google has released the Android 11 Beta 1 update for all pixel phones. This announced in a blog post that was suppose to happen on June 3rd but postponed to 11 June. The first Android 11 beta focus on three main key features highlight by Google Android 11 such as People, Controls and Privacy.

Bubble Conversation

Bubble a new feature to help you reply easily on your messages when you received any important message send to you from a friend or family. This idea was bit old, if you are a Facebook user, you might seen this bubble feature in your Facebook Message since 2017.

Google just implemented this feature in this year version of Android 11. It will easily to switch your conversation back in between doing any important current task.

Media Controls

In Android 11 Beta 1 , Android users can now quickly access and control your IOT devices in one place by long pressing on the power button. There are new media controls providing a quick and convenient to switch the device your audio or video content is playing on.

Permissions Rest

In Android 11, If Android user opened any app and forget to close. App unknown app might be using your any sensitive permissions in the background . With one time permissions you can grant apps to your microphone, camera or location. The Android 11 OS will let your permission reset once users switch to any other app.

This feature will save your privacy data and wouldn’t allow any apps to take control your apps permissions. Android 11 also added new features such as screen recorder, new voice access, improvement software performance and digital wellbeing and an improved shared menu that allow android users to share content from your phone.

Android users to download it manually from Here.