Google to restrict ads for tracking technology , spyware on video ads, Android apps

Google made a change in its policies to restrict advertising for spyware and other unauthorised tracking technology used in the various Android apps found in the PlayStore. The change will prohibit the promotion of products or services that are marketed or targeted with the purpose of tracking or monitoring another person or activites without their authorization according to the company.

The ads for these products already violate Google’s Enabling Dishonest Behaviour policy, the change will make the ban on tracking technology explict and lead to increase enforcement said a company spokeswomen.

The policy will prohibit advertisement of spyware and malware that can used to monitor texts, phone calls or browsing history. It will also ban ads for “GPS trackers specifically marketed to spy or track someone without their consent and of cameras or recorders marketed with the purpose spying.

New Policies will be coming into effect starting next month 11 August. Google has also added a new Policy section for apps that market themselves as News apps on the Play Store.

News apps must

  • News apps provide adequate information about the news publisher and its contributors including clear ownership.
  • Apps must have a website on in-page that providers valid contact information for the news publisher

On the flip side, News apps must not:

  • It contain significant spelling & grammar errors
  • contain only static content
  • Have affiliate marketing or ad revenue as its primacy purpose.

AR Location Anchoring

These apps on User- Generated Contact ( UGC ) and feature Augmented Reality ( AR) functionally placed upon such UGC must implement moderation systems that can be used to report objectionable images which used AR objects for gathering sensitive location.

Families Ads Policies

Google have clarified some ad practices that are prohibited on apps that target children. The ads that interfere with normal aps use or game play are not close able after 5 seconds are not allowed. Ads that do not interface with normal app use or game play are allowed to persist for more that 5 seconds.