Google Stadia game streaming service will support 720p quality over mobile data

The Stadia game streaming service was launched in major 5G compatible countries in the year 2019. However, In India, it’s still unavailable due to missing 5G network availability and its plans way cost more than other popular streaming services in India.

A few months later after Stadia officially launched, Google confirmed that the game streaming will support most of the latest and old popular games via mobile phone data and high-speed broadband data in major 5G countries.

The resolution is capped at 720p, the main reason is data usage remains quite high during streaming games on mobile phones per hour approx 2.7 GB. Google decided to stuck stadia steaming at 720p resolution over mobile data plans.

In 1080p resolution, it will use 12.6 GB per hour, This can easily blow away many people’s expensive monthly data plans or FUP crap at the plans.

This game streaming service works over 4G or 5G networks as long as you can get a stable connection on LTE, LTE+, or 5G network. You will need to connect the stadia controller to your phone either via Bluetooth or with a cable.

The story published on gsmarena. We will full credit to owners. We used similar pictures credit to them. Just share for everyone’s awareness on Google Stadia. Google Stadia would works on major flagships Android smartphones.