Google Store new IoT unreleased Next products

Google Store posted a new page showed up the upcoming unreleased Next lot products coming later this fall before gets officially launch in October.

These products will become official by the end of September or early October. Yesterday, Google introduced the first home made chipset “Tensor” said to powered the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro in limited countries to complete its flagship with Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max later this fall 2021.

The following list of all naming NEXT products are unreleased before being removed:

  • Next Cam (battery)
  • Next Cam(wired)
  • Next Cam with floodlight
  • Next Doorbell (battery)

The Google will launching Next Cams in this year which could replaced the existing older Next Cam Outdoor. This will be a battery-powered version of the camera together with a wired one.

The combo offer bundle offered in this year without having to purchase two devices separately. The new battery-powered version of the powered Next Doorbell can be much excited to install than a hard-wired one for security.

Google hasn’t officially said about the release date of Google Pixel 6 series in India but we make sure that Google will release budget friendly Google Pixel 5a in India.