Google will allow to block tracking apps in Android 12

Search Engine Giant Google also working on the similar Apple in iOS 14 as “App Transparency feature” in the latest Android 12 seen in beta 3.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg argued Apple privacy feature update in iOS 14 about this year will limit company tracking on their users to improve their services on their various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messengers.

Google working on the new feature will be seen in the Privacy Dashboard setting to block the Android apps from tracking users others activities while running in the background without notify about them.

Google will confirmed the full privacy feature will be being added in the Android 13 next year 2020, All developers need to submit info update in the App description to tell users, which application required permission like microphone, camera, contact and location to access after installing the app.

The highlights of the Google Privacy Update:

  • The app’s security practices like data encryption.
  • Weather the app follows Google’s Families policy or not.
  • If the app has been independently validated against a global security standard.

Google will able to opt out Advertisement ID in the Android. This advertisement ID is useful to track users for display several ads on the Android. We strongly recommended to opt out this feature after setting up the new smartphone.

Most of Android users don’t know to opt out the Advertisement ID, Google will soon make it easier for all users to set them as a feature added in the Android 12 final build.

However, Every Android having a unique Advertising ID for the advertisers will see a string of zero in place of the unique identifier. The reset Advertising ID, advertisers will impossible to display ads to track user activity to recommended any personalised ads.

Google confirmed to working on an app called the Date Restore Tool was published to Google Play Sore with version 1.0.38xxxx contains feature, if Google want to help iPhone users to migrate their iOS data to Android.

The string will tell user to download a “Switch to Android” app from the App Store and then go Wi-Fi setting on your iPhone to connect to your Android phone using a Wi-Fi hotspot.