Google’s New Privacy Setting Wipes New User’s Data after 18 months

The Google has made few changes in updated new privacy controls setting page has filled with addition of default privacy setting that wipes new user’s data only after 18 months automatically.

Google explained in statement issued as per new privacy laws in California and Europe have occurs Internet companies to adjust practices in over the collecting users data over the last two years. Several lawsuits by the customers filled each months and US state attorneys have accused Google of collecting in several data without user’s permissions.

You may seen under Google’s updated privacy setting, YouTube’s viewing history of new users will disappear after 36 months and location tracking and web browsing history will delete after 18 months.

The company earned most of its revenue from ads pushing on Google Chrome browser and several ads sense websites which are mostly collecting user’s data with Analytics feature what users are watching and reading and where they are located.

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