Indian Government made draft guidelines for advertisements done by Influences and Digital Marketers

The Indian Government make issued a new draft guidelines for advertisements done by Social Media influences and digital marketers could face some verifications to ensuring the veracity of claims made in advertisements could fall upon their soon.

This step taken by government in order to preventing misleading products or brands advertisements has an entire section on due diligence to be made by endorsers.

Who to Apply for Draft Advertisement Guidelines:

  • Manufactures or Service providers
  • Model agencies and endorsers
  • Agencies covering all advertising or marketing communications
  • Advertisements by Social Media influence’s, Actors or Actress

This draft policy has sought feedback on the guidelines before September 18. The policy need to go public after a final review completed before September 18. It is best to raise their compliance burden , industry and legal experts told ET.

Source India Today

Working of Advertisement Guidelines

  • The Guidelines will certainly be applicable to Influences.
  • They will have to be more informed about What they are endorsing.
  • What I do see happening is that you might have a lot of litigation where a lot of people get sued” said Gaurav Dani.
  • The guidelines say obtaining advise from an advertising self-regulatory organisation or legal opinion from legal practitioner about the accuracy of endorsements will be considered sufficient due diligence.
  • It is possible that even a lawyer may be unable to certify the validity of certain claims said Vinay Joy.

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