Govt of India bans 43 more Chinese apps including Snack Video and AliExpress

The Indian government today announced the another 43 more mobile apps including AliExpress, Alipay and more Alibaba apps. It says are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India.

A report published by Entracker, Indian made short video applications are Mitron TV, Chingari and Trell record has seen record fall in Google Playstore downloads at every months while Snack Video received millions of downloads and keep top in the free apps section in Google Play Store,

In the month of June, On 29 June, Indian government announced the ban on TikTok -Short Video Apps and PUBG Mobile India. Since, the TikTok banned in India.

Many multinational companies are following similar design approach i.e Facebook unveils Reels in the Instagram, Twitter adds Fleets and recently Snapchat announced the Snaplight feature in the app while Google owned YouTube added the Shorts in the mobile YouTube app.

Snack Video popularity graph in India since June

The Snack Video is the one app that has gained a large number of download following the Chinese app ban. It registered 190 million download since June 29 out of which India contributed 154 millions. In the month of November, it collected 35 millions downloads from the country, highest in comparison to all short video apps during the lockdown period.

However, Indian’s owned ShareChat, Moj, Times India MX TakaTak and Daily Hunt Josh has received few downloaded at a average rate in India.

AliExpress – a popular Chinese worldwide E-commerce website has heavily invested in the most of new Indian startup to gain profits through collecting data of the citizens.

Today, GOI stands for Government of India announced the fully ban the website among other dating apps, WeTv– Chinese and Korean show apps are now been banned in the country.