Hiring A Web Designer Vs Build A Self Website

This Guide in the year of 2020 will explained you all new pros and cons of Hiring a Web Designer and build a self website : Guide – Which is better for you!

You have a lots of options to choose from – two major options which one is best suitable all your needs as Hiring a Web Designer for your company or business website or either you work on coding and wants to try your practice in developing own self website with some hosting plan provided by major top hosting companies.

Hiring a Web Designer

This one is the major work need by several startups and top business companies those recruit designer and pay them some project fees to design a modern website according to their business needs or work .

In the year of 2020 , We need to know some important things before “Hiring a Web Designer

Pros of Hiring a Web Designer

You have few advantages which you need to know before you are gave our the project to a Web Designer :

  • Free from Tensions : You don’t have to worry about correction in coding , think about new modern design or sketch a layout responsible suitable or works easily on the modern browser like ( Chrome & Edge Chromium and Firefox ) . Some designers ever take a basic SEO to boost your Site on search engine with worked with a team or 1-2 persons .
  • Custom- Made : Another one of the reason why people still prefer Web designer rather then sticking to a template , a designer ask you every time during its project to make a responsible and hassle free website for you rather then a template with limited options once you paided then more premium options will be available to you. The process give you a huge advantage when you want to build an custom made an innovative personal portfolio website.
  • No Experience Required : You don’t have to be Coding expert or A WordPress Expert or building the website. It works so well because you are hiring someone already having excellent skills .

Cons of Hiring a Web Designer :

  • Expensive Price: Hiring a website can be expensive or increase your budget if you are startup company or unemployment person. You may end up spending anywhere between $500 and $4000 to get a fully functional website with all SEO optimization and updating even maintenance fee.
  • Lack of Controlling : Every time you need to call your designer to make a change on the website . This puts you in position with no or little control on your website functions . You make a updates to the website and content more often then year by year . It will adding some more price in your budget.

Building your Own Self Website :

People have tried to make website by themselves and succeeded or failed from the every begining in learning or practicing a course of time. However, we have seen better documentation and tutorials .

You can learn sometime HTML / CSS / JavaScript and some basic knowledge or bootstrap 3 or 4 in the front-end design and Once you learn front end, try to learn PHP / React-Redux / Python for the back end and create your own website from scratch.

Website Builder make its possible in free or some need price but it would be less cost then a hiring a Web Designer .

Pros of Building Your Own Website :

  • Ultimate Flexibility : You have so much control throughout the process and even after you have build a good website. By practicing everyday, you’re an expect or you can use a website build – it’s definitely easy to make changes to the website content. Almost anything ,you need to change every time once you learned more new things by experimenting.
  • Inexpensive : Building your own website can be quite a minimal affairs in terms of the total amount you spend on it. The monthly you pay will be incredibly low. You don’t even have to worry about hosting and domains as the service providers takes care of everything.

Cons of Building Your Own Website :

The disadvantages are :

  • Time Consumption : You need to spend more time for building your own website. This may not be ideal for those with tough schedule all day. At the end of the day, you don’t need a half-baked website.

Conclusion :

We hope you understand the pros and cons of both these two methods now. It should be noted that the process of building website with a website building has become more intuitive and affordable right now. Same goes to you have affordable ways to hire a web designer as well.