How did Apple make Billions of money via Products?

In this story, we try to manage and test all things together, which make Apple billions of money every year through Apple Products.


In this story, we try to manage and test all things together, which make Apple billions of money every year through Apple Products.

Apple iPhone Models

Apple released every year three new iPhone models in the month of Q3 September very year. iPhone Lite, Pro and Max Models.


Top specifications in the iPhone Pro, Max models rest of lite model has only some basic specifications which in terms of Android smartphone looks very funny.

Apple presented every year there products in event like a big innovation , but in real world, it just small innovation taken a longer time to come in Apple devices.

Apple Mac Book (Air & Pro )

Apple Mac Book Air for light task customers, those are only used Mac Book for doing basic task like do programming, watching movie, listening songs and other office kinda work.

Apple Mac Book Pro is design for professional users, those are believe to do hard core task like editing videos, content creators, high level of programming and core filming editing etc

Apple Streaming Services

Apple TV+ streaming service based on monthly or yearly subscriptions available only to iPhone users across the world. They telecast local channels in USA or UK countries in there Apple products .They showcase and premium some Apple made shows only for Apple customers.

Apple iPad Devices


Apple iPad one of the most popular tablet in the market right now, this iPad still so powerful to handle all type of heavy task in designing things, create documents and watching & streaming multimedia content. If you are Apple iPhone users, Apple must suggest you to buy an iPad for you or your family to work seamlessly and all day connect.

Apple Watch Series

Apple Watch Series also a best product created by Apple in terms of checking regular health status, fitness level and watching time. It will sense and easily detect all your health problems very accurate in this world right now.


Best used of Apple Watch in USA and UK , where all hospitals and health services able to connect our via Apple Watch to help you in difficult time.

Apple Arcade ( Gaming Service )


The Apple Arcade Gaming Streaming service designs you to play exclusively for Apple iOS versions only. Many developers created and published games on the Apple Store. Users will pay them and it will be easily available in their iPhone exclusive. Some Apple Arcade games never appear on Android OS.

Older iPhone’s Sale

Even in some over populated countries like India, China and etc still brought older iPhone models or products. It will also create a lot of money for Apple with this one.

These all Apple products or services works together on iOS or newer in connecting all day or night. People are reliable on this longer. Those are older Apple customers. No such company will provide you such 5-6 years software support and products customers support.

Finally, we can understand how Apple can make with its products and services and turn it into trillions of money.