How do you actually monetizing your blog? Making money by Blogging?

Let us find out how to make money with a blog? But How do you actually go about monetizing your blog?


Before we jump into the ideas, let we will give you some idea quickly on how to start your most popular monetization methods to making money with your content by following the best popular monetization ideas.

Making Money via Blogging Methods Discuss

Google Adsense Method :


Google Adsense method is one of the best methods to use for free to make money via start you’re monetizing over your publishing content. Make your before apply for Google Adsense method, your content needs to be fully personal, you must read terms and conditions before applying for Google Adsense method.

Things to know before Google Adsense :

  • Make your website/blog will at least 40 pages of content written on it.
  • You must be added three pages in your blog/website like About, Privacy Policy and Contact page.
  • Your website needs to neat and clean design.
  • No illegal activity, No copyright content, no copy& paste content from another publisher.
  • Read further terms and conditions on AdSense.

Apply for Google Adsense Steps

  • Go to Google Adsense, Click Here
  • Fill the Google Adsense form with personal/ business full detail
  • After filling Google Adsense form
  • Google will send you an email to “First review your website eligible for AdSense policy.
  • It takes 2-3 days or a week as per your website content and details to verify by Google Team
  • Check your Gmail regularly, sometimes this will takes only 24 hours once you applied for it.
  • If you got the message, Now you can start your monetizing your website with Google Sense, Then congratulation, You made it.
  • Follow some steps to configure your Adsense account. Click Here
  • If you had received, sorry, your website needs some things to be update or change, they will email your reason to unverified, Do things right and Apply again and wait for some days.
  • All steps must be followed from beginning to end! Carefully

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of another popular making money via blogging on your product reviews content. If someone purchases a product after reading your whole product review on Books, Home Applications, Smartphones, novels, and Android & iOS Applications.

For example, you could write a product review blog post on your purchased things, do tag their product brand tag on social media Twitter or Instagram, write some little genius review lines and add your blog post link. People will see and visit your post blog and decide to buy for himself or family.


The product brand will notice it and if you had so many followers and they can review it and it will be sent you review unit once they find your fan followers will discuss and followed your posts.

Once you sign up for Affiliate market posts, you can add links at under your post and users will click and buy it after you get again after every click by users and visitors.

List of the top WordPress-related affiliate program in the market

Click here

Use other display Advertising network ads :


Google AdSense does not the only option to apply for it, But We will also share the top three other advertisement networks where you simply place code on your website and start displaying ads.

We are sharing about some best AdSense alternatives

Become a freelancer Blogger :

via Monterey Premier

If you already enjoying to do blogging, you can actually use your own blog to make the best advertisement to attract clients to pay you to blog. This is another best solid way to make a good living by making money via blogging.

Create a Hire Me Page on your website blogging.

Ask for donation: Once people demand new article help

Donation Share Support Fundraising Help Concept via Wildapricot

I know this method pretty tougher than all of the above methods, we had discussed earlier. This method works once you published an article for your visitors, visitors will like and asked you to publish more articles related to their favorite topic.

You will take your queries and select randomly one by one to fulfill their demands to ask some donation for future posts to help to maintain the website live longer.

All methods will be free over the internet, you must read it carefully terms and conditions for beginner to begin to start earning money with your blogging.

You have always a choice to select the above methods for your blogging.