How much need to pay in all OTT Platform in India?

The lockdown conditions in India going on, Many citizens people’s are forced to stay at home. Billions of people’s are staying at home, work from home , study from home.

OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Services, Disney+ Hotstar Vip+, Netflix, OZEE5 and Max Player or other free OTT platforms which are available in India.

If you are curious to find the which OTT platform plans are suitable for you. We will shared a guide based on our research and it will tell where you are going to spend your money to watch movies, tv shows, live tv, hindi dubbed movies, serials etc.

In Covid-19 pandemic, Most of Bollywood, Hollywood movies will be streaming on Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar in this year exclusively.

Amazon Prime Services

In under INR 999 price for whole year , You can get free Amazon 2 days delivery in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi , Mumbai etc. The plans will cost you INR 129 per month for 12 months. You can watch free latest Bollywood movies exclusively, listen free music on Amazon music, Streaming old holly, Bollywood and Tollywood movies without any add breaks.

Amazon Prime videos will be available on all platforms LED TV, LCD TV, 4K, Chromecast, Apple Tv , Android OS and Apple TV. Make sure your smartphone support Amazon Prime Certification to watch content in 720p or 4k category.

Netflix Plans

Netflix is the most popular streaming network around the globe. Netflix App stream shows, movies, documentary, Tv series in world wide countries. In India, Netflix plans starts from INR 199 for mobile online screen only 1. T

Netflix mobile only plans will able to stream you only 720p resolution, make sure your device support the Wide vine L1 certification by which brand you are buyer or going to buy soon.

The second plan starts from INR 499 , This plan which gives you two screen for laptop. The third plans starts from INR 649, this will bring you two screens in which you are able to stream 1080p content on two screens only like laptop, mobile only.

The premium fourth plan is suitable for 4k content that enable you to stream on mobile, TV 4k, laptops with your family loving ones.

Ozee 5 Subcriptions

The Ozee5 streaming providers are Zee Networks. In our research, if you love Hindi web series telecast by Zee5 , watch old Bollywood, Hollywood movies along with most loving Turkish shows in Hindi dubbed.

If you like all above of these, you can buy Monthly plans are available in INR 199 pack. The 6 months plans are INR 599. INR 999 pack plans are available for 1 year.

In Android users, many complaint about the streaming service isn’t as much good like Amazon, Netflix. Video quality look medium and lags in streaming sometimes in good network as well.

Max Player Streaming App

Max Player is one the best streaming solution to watch Hindi web series, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Korean Hindi Dubbed. In Max Player, you can watch by going official website either install max player app in your smartphone and ready to watch.

Some ads will come in between streaming, it okay to watch for few seconds, if you are watching content all-in-one in free. Max Player shows are hand packed and exclusively web series are really good in our research.


First make a try to watch on Laptop via Chrome, Firefox browser, Make sure, you need to first install adblocker ublock origin to stop displaying ads on google search or max player website. Using this tick, you will found ads free experience without any lag.

Disney+ Hotstar Vip+ Plans

Hotstar is one of second most prefered OTT platform used to watch Live matches , sports channels in India. In Hotstar, you can watch live star plus channels, USA TV Series, Hindi Web Series , Movies.

After the partnership with Disney, Disney acquired most of the shares Hotstar, Now it subscriptions increased to three different category. In premium , you can watch Disney+ content. In Vip , USA TV Series along with some Bollywood movies, Tv Series. In Hostar Vip+, Exclusively Hotstar specials shows and live ads free cricket experience.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP plans will now cost up to INR 399 per year, Disney+ Hotstar Premium plans are now INR 1,499 per year .

Final Verdict

It depends on your money or choice, Which OTT platform is suitable for personal preference. Every online video streaming platform has its own pros and cons with its plans.