How To Become a Freelance Writer: A 5 Steps Guide to Start

Become a Freelance Writer to start your journey in the world of content marketing is very useful to start your career after graduation.

Become a Freelancer Content Writer to start writing good SEO-based blogs on free platforms for beginners such as BLOGGER, WordPress, and Medium. A free platform owned by Google is enough to start freelancer content writing blogs.

Freelance Writing Plaforms

If you are having some experience in the content writing industry, you can try to build up your own business or personal brand blog. WordPress is the other best platform to start building up your own personal blog with many customization tools, themes, and plugins.

Medium is the newest blogging platform to write blogs and share content with everyone else on the platform who can read and share with others. Medium will also monetize blogs to earn money by sharing articles.

Several Types of Freelance Writing Services – You can choose

There are best tips on becoming a content writer and benefits in details

Be Creative

Content Writing isn’t easier work. A person who needs to be good in grammar, skillful in searching good useful topics to publish on blogs in which internet users will be able to read and search depends on their needs.


Copywriting work is the best work to do in publishing articles on your platform. Make sure, Each content needs to be made with some changes in its own language to publishing articles before on the Internet.

Google search will showcase you everywhere if you having good organic-based articles on your website.

Fixed your rate

A writer can demand money for publishing articles. In this case, Before a person gets hired by any company or brand to write any promotion-based article for them. A person will be contacted through a contact page with a fixed rate for work.

The rate will be fixed depends on the work timing and hours of the worked for a company and submit a guest post. A content writer can earn 15,000 INR ($202USD) per month.

Good focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is very important in handling the content for a website. Google bots can only able to crawl enough content with 100-120 words written in SEO and 90-110 in the meta description.

A personal blog should need to focus on three things that are very important for any content writing blog

  • 120 words SEO (headline)
  • 2000+ words in ( paragram)
  • H1 & H2 headline
  • 110 words in meta description
  • meta keyword in theme code.
  • 15-25 blogs for suitable search engine to show results.

How does Freelance writing begin your career?

Everyone can follow these steps below your careers as a Freelance Writer.

  • Choose a niche
  • Create a portfolio of your writng samples
  • Set up to website
  • Build up contacts
  • Fixed your rates
  • Invest in yourself in good marketing
  • Stay up to date

Choose your niche

In beginning to writing freelance writing, choosing a niche is recommended that you are interested in writing about beauty products, reviews, technology news, politics, job-related, deals, and digital service marketing based, etc.

A content writer needs to invest yourself to start with a focus on more or more niches that will make the process of finding everyday more interesting topics for you.