How to Become a Good Programmer ?

How to become a Good Programmer?

This guide will aim to provide you the most frequently Asked Questions based on basic tips once someone starts programming

This guide means a complete guide to provide your basics tips in the most questions that explicitly have links. The source used in this guide is completely free.

Starting Questions :

Before anyone starts programming, they need to run themselves through a few questions first.

Question: What language should I choose to learn?

Answer :

It depends on what you’re trying to make. Are you marking the website? You are willing to work at the top proving Software MNC. Since all programming language tends to follow the same set of rules logically, learning one language will make it a hundred times easier to learn another language later on down the road.

Question: Where can I learn about languages and their uses?

Answer :

Go to search on Google deeper: Search for why certain languages are used over others in specific cases. If you don’t understand the explanations, google the words you don’t understand. Learn as much as you can and eventually once you found something cool, keep it in mind as your starting language.

Q: Where can I learn a programming language?

Answer :

You already know about books. You’ve looked at Udemy and through Wow! Cool, a full course that teaches me everything ! and then realized that you needed to pay at least 10-15$ to get access, and realizing you’re broke, you ditched the idea. To put it simply all the adobe -mentioned places to learn will be teaching more or less the same thing.

Question: Where do you find books?

Answer: That’a little personal, I don’t claim to be some God-Gift programmer like Terry Davis. I do have a few favorites:

Library Genesis: Has ( Just everything as long as you search for it )

free-programming-books.mid: Mostly free-domain books, but a decent sharing point.

if you’re feeling rich or just want to know what’s out there ).,

Question: What else do I need to start?

Answer: In most beginner books ( ie beginner to pro, learn in how many days depends on your practice, the book will walk you through any additional setup you need.

The easiest way to stay on task when learning is to have a goal in mind.

I don’t mind ” My goal is to learn C++ , Php in 30 days either 3 months , just like the title of your aim!

Think beyond that . Why are you learning to program? What are you trying to accomplish ? Why programming is your choice?

Now what?

Hurry! You made it through your course/books/ tutorials series ! and that you’ve actually all set down to try something more and work on your project, you think that you don’t know anything or that nothing that you learned could be applied anywhere.

Where do I find more problems to practice with?

Answer: I have my few favorites :

List of practices for codes free sites

Programming books to learn

Udemy courses :

Conclusion :

As mentioned in the intro, this is by no means a complete guide or list of things to do to make you an amazing programmer. These are way too many filed in programming and development to write a be all end guider, but you should be enough of a launchpad for you to bounce off of and finally make use of your time. Have a look at GitHub and other open-source projects in your spare time.


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