How To Create WordPress Backup & Import?

In this tutorials, we provide guided you, “How to create WordPress website backup from old Hosting and upload into another New Hosting service server.

Backup is very important for everyone having a website- from absolute beginners to professional users. You can backup your WordPress website in two different methods professionally.


Beginner friendly way categories in two different ways:

  • Manually Method
  • Automatically Method

First Method:

  • First go to your hosting provider domain. For example,
  • Log in Username and password
  • Hostinger Dashboard display on your screen
  • Head to Database, Create Database SQL files. Wait for Database to zipping all files of your website.
  • Zip files in .press extensions or .SQL format
  • Save your file in folder located anywhere in your local desktop hard drive.
  • Re-use in case, you having any trouble in your current website working.

Second Method:

  • Install a WordPress plugin
  • First scroll through the WordPress Dashboard
  • WordPress dashboard shows a plugin section
  • Search a new plugin named All-in-One-Migration
  • Once you found valid plugin click install
  • Wait for 1-3 sec to install properly .
  • After installed, Click on red button “Activate”

Visit section “installed plugin”

Click on Plugin “All-in-one-Migration”

Head to Backup section

Create your Backup now

Wait for whole process to completed once in 10 minutes.

After Completed Backup files

Green Pop-Up comes out

Displaying ” xyz.doman”

Download Zip Files.

Download it for example 134MB for beginners

Depends exact on “Website Data higher or lower size”

Save this backup files ( zip ) in one folder


In simple terms, website backup is a copy of basically your all website files, pictures, plugin including the WordPress theme, database files ( posts , links and comments ). The main factor of all this is to protect you from loosing important website files in case any hacker try to hack your website or things suddenly happened like data corruption.

Another Best Plugins for creating backup with WordPress:

Updraft Plus:

Using this plugin you can easily schedule automatically backups and even restore your WordPress website.


BackWPup :


BackWPup is a great free plugin you can use to back up your WordPress website and save the copies on external like Drop Box automatically. The biggest strength of this plugin is the number of available servers you can sent the backups to.

Final Words:

Quality backup plugins will help you automate and manage backups- this can be a great way to start for WordPress newbies.

How to import Previous Backup into New hosting ?

Once you download backup in your PC, you will need to do same process repeat in your new hosting install “All-in-one-Migration” plugin. After install, you need go to export option in the plugin.


You will see the import limit ( any GB ). Just press import and upload the backup file which you create in the above steps when you create backup from the OLD hosting for migration using select File.

You will then follow the import wizard. Just press proceed to start import your previous hosting backup into new hosting.

Now wait for few minutes you will see the percentage is alert you how much backup imported.

It shows you old hosting backup install easily without any hassle. Now press permalinks setting and press Ok. Enjoy your OLD website in new hosting service providers.

Increase Upload Limit for All-in-One-wp-migration.

Final Words :

If you followed our each steps carefully , hence, you will find your website data migrated into new hosting domain with all previous WordPress files.

What’s are your thoughts on the how to create “WordPress Backup & Import data into New Hosting?”