How to Disable All Ads in Google Chrome full complete solution: Ad Blocker setting!

To completely remove annoying and Pop-ups from your Google Chrome browser follow these steps.

Google Chrome Desktop

We need to follow some steps to completely remove ads from your chrome by taking these steps:

Step 1: First of all install the ad-blocked extension

You can either install uBlock Origin or Nano adblocker extension in your chrome browser

Note: You can install and use both! But remember this may result to slow browsing by using both on the same browser

I suggest you go to Adblock options untick some extra ads blocking options

Check this screenshot :

Screenshot Nano Defender extensions :

Step 2 :

Some sites will show ads still will be blocked but some will detect and warn you to disable your AdBlock extensions. I know it sounds very awful.

Here the solution

It may be required to restart your browser. Do restart. Make sure you save your work on chrome.

  • Add reek’s filter list to adblocker

Following all the steps. Your ads on chrome will be disabled and you can browse free internet.

For extra Features: Check our Chrome Extension screenshots

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For Mobile Users :

Installing those ads free browser :

Kiwi Browser: Same Interface like Chrome Browser

Brave Browser: Build on Chromium Open Source

Mozilla Preview: Latest Browser modern

Happy Learning!

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