How To Dual Boot Linux & Windows Beginner Guide

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When you have more than one operating system ( OS ) on your PC , you an reboot from one into the other. This allow you to use the best applications for your needs. What are some of the reasons , you might want to have multiple operating system on one PC?

Each OS has its own advantages and useful things. If you use any of the programs listed below, you will want to have a version of Windows running on your computer even it you prefer and use Linux for other functions.

This article will help you create a successful dual boot Linux and Windows 10 one single PC.

How To Set up a Dual-Bool System

Before you get started:

  • Create a back up your data to an external drive or cloud storage in case you did something wrong.
  • Make sure you have a recovery of the live disk for Windows
  • In case your boot fails, have a boot repair disk available.

Installed Window 10 First :

Windows 10 don’t have a boot menu and do not look for other operating systems installed already on your computer before loading. When installed Window 10 , Window 10 will overwrite any boot sequence you might already have installed.

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On the second part , Linux will first look to see, if you had other operating system loaded on your PC . It will build a menu where users can simply choose which  system you want to boot first.

The following steps will show you ” How to dual boot Linux OS where Window 10 has already been installed.

Create a Bootable Drive for Linux

First, download the Linux ISO

Choose any mirror to download, then download the file for an installer tool such as Universal USB installed to create a Live USB from the ISO , you just downloaded .

Plugin your USB Drive ( Mini 8 GB ) and run Universal USB installer. Select Linux Mint for the distribution

Browse to the ISO.  Then choose the USB drive . It will take a few minutes to burn your ISO to the USB drive.

Create a Space for Linux

Prepare your disk by making a new partition. You an either split an existing partition or create a new one for Linux

To create a new partition, you can use a third party app or disk management tool such as Paragon Partition Manager.

Booting From Window 10 

  • From the start menu, type partition to bring up the Disk Management utility

  • The screenshot above shows ( as your disk shows ) on the C drive. To create some space to install Linux, shrink the C drive by right-clicking on it .
  • Windows will suggest how much of the available space to shrink. How much space you allocate will depend upon how much space you have on your computer.
  • After you select the amount of space, click Shrink. You can now have a new partition where you can install Linux.

Reboot Your Computer 

  • Plug the live disk or USB into your computer and restarts it.
  • Press the F12, F1 or F10 functions key while it is booting to get to the boot menu.
  • Choose the option to boot from USB or Removable Media.

Start The Installation :

When your system boots into the Live USB, double click on the Install Linux icon from the desktop.

Follow screen shot

Select your country language and install third party software

During the installation , this will take 5-10 mins to download all drivers and necessary softwares to install in the backgrounds.

Choose Installation Type :

In the next step, you will asked to choose. Don’t  select on Erase disk and install Linux.

Select Choose Install Linux along with Windows Boot Menu Along,

Choose your partition drive , you create first steps and Linux will installed on it .

Fill in the form fields with your name, the computer’s name, username and your password twice.

If you tick on Log in Automatically , it means your system will boot directly into the desktop.

It better to choose Require your password to log in.

To proceed, click Continue.

Wait for 20 mintus to installation to finished.

Restarts Now

To See If Dual Boot is Working

  • Choose Restart Now. You will see the actual boot menu on the screen.
  • The first option is Linux and it will be default. If you want into Windows, use the down arrow to select Windows boot manager.

Put in your password and see the Welcome to Linux screen.

Choose your setting such as System Snapshots, Drive Manager and Multimedia Codecs.

Test your Windows OS working on Boot screen .

Shut down your computer and restart. Choose Windows from the Boot menu. If the Window login screen loads, log in to make sure to check desktop and data are still there.


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