How to Encrypt Your Android Phone Complete Guide 2020

Hey friends, Today, I am going to tell you, how you can encrypt your Android phone for free. Android smartphones users can encrypt data such as photos, videos, messages etc. Users can also encrypt phone calls also. We are going to talk what are the advantages and disadvantages of encrypting on Android smartphones.

You can learn encrypt your sensitive data if the hacker have your phone or try to hack via online . This data can be photos, videos, songs, call logs, text messages and more . Encrypt process can’t let any other people scoop in your Android Phone. Encrypting means to store and secure your data in a form which can be only read your Android phone itself.

How to Encrypt Your Android Smartphone

Users can encrypt the Android smartphone in a single click by using this method. There are a lot of methods, but we will go with simple or easily one. This method users an inbuild option in order to encrypt your Android phones for free. Make sure , you follow everything step by step while start this process.

Step 1:

On your Android Smartphone, Go to the Setting menu. Please Note, if you have any latest Android smartphones , these setting must be different in other Android versions.

Step 2:

At the Setting page, first click on the Security option showing in this setting.

Step 3:

Under the Setting page, Click on the Encrypting or Encrypt Phone option

Step 4:

Turn on the toggle of the encryption option or click the Encrypt Phone button.

Step 5:

This will encrypt your Android phone after a successful restart

Note: This method is can’t change, once you have encrypted your Android phone then you can all your Android phone to decrypt your Android phone.

This was complete article by when you can encrypt your android phone for free.