How to Increase Users Engagement on Facebook Page

A Facebook page allow you to tell your brand story, create relationships with customers and accomplish business goals- it’s a wining technology useful for every Facebook users or start up company to start to promote their business all over world.

We will discuss top seven ways you can drive users engagement with your Facebook business page all without spending any money.

Post Native Videos To Facebook

The Post natively from Facebook, the video will automictically start playing as your followers scroll through their feed- it will catch their eye and before they even have time to think about it, they’re watching.

The key here is to keep the video short. The Facebook videos that get most engagement are 30 seconds to two minutes with the idea through falling at 60 to 90 seconds. Keep in mind with your videos to 2 minutes or less.

Optimize Your Videos & Create Video Playlists

When you post a video also make sure to include a keyword-rich title and description and add tags to your video- this will increase the video’s chance of showing up in relevant feeds throughout Facebook. You start to amass a collection of SEO-rich, native Facebook videos, pop them into playlists. That way. more related videos will continue to be shown to the user after they’re done watching the first time one.

Go Live on Facebook

Take your videos top notch after going live. You go live, your video will shoot to the top of your followers’ Facebook news feeds. The boost in the news feed plus those notification are a recipe for engagement. After your live broadcast is over, the video appear on your Facebook page. You can edit your videos or continue to promote it , embed it on your site or share on other social networks.

Look to Facebook Insights for Data You Can Use

Social media strategies are never one-size-fits-all. Check your Facebook Insights at once in a month and take note of the content that your audience was most engaged with the format. Use that information to guide your ongoing Facebook strategy. It’s a clear signal into what your unique audience wants work to create more content along similar lines.

Post Exclusive Content on Facebook

Other way to make your followers pay attention to your Facebook feed is to offers content that is exclusive to Facebook. For example, you can post special discounts on your Facebook page , release data for an upcoming case study or white paper before it’s published on your website. Make your Facebook posts count by sharing exclusive content users won’t find anywhere else.

Interact & Engage Meaningfully

Interacting is par for the course, no matter what social media network you’re using. Whatever you get comments or messages and respond. It provide insight and guidance when people ask questions and thank them when they offer you brand praise.

If you’re dedicated social media manager , try to do this throughout the day in real-time . If you’re business owner may faced many hats , set aside a certain amount of time to dedicate to social media for a social business, a social hour or even half hour a day can make a huge difference in managing social interactions.

Source: Onehacks