Learn How To Upgrade Window 10 OS in Free?


Windows 10’s free upgrade offer was ended in the year 2016, Over years on , there’s still an easy way to obtain a genuine license without paying money.


This technical provided by Microsoft which only works in two manner way . First , You need to download a Microsoft tool and running it on your device. Make sure to backup all your existing file before proceeding with the provided guide.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later Window 10 older version
    • 4 GB RAM Approx
    • Intel or AMD processor
    • Driver CD
    • Local C drive storage 15 GB

Go to Microsoft > Link here

Create Windows 10 installation media

Hover your mouse to [ Download tool now ]

How to Download Window 10 Tool


After clicking the download tool now

Microsoft will ask your permission to download 10.23 MB ( approx size ) tool in your PC & laptop local storage.

Grant your permission to download this tool successfully.

Click on the tool, open it as Administration .

Tool will detect your version of Window.

Suggest your download by two following method.

Burn a DVD / Create a Bootable USB ( 8 GB minimum ).


We suggest you to create a boot able USB.

Firstly , Put your USB 8 GB in our USB port.

It will detect your pen drive , click next on Blue-screen displaying on your Windows PC screen

It will show you to download Microsoft version as depends on your PC architecture either 32 Bit & 64 Bit.

Save the Windows 10 OS in your local storage

For 32 Bit , this will be 3.56 GB size

For 64 Bit , this will be 4.24 GB size.

Click to download , it will take some time depending on your ISP internet speed connection .

Create a bootable iso USB by this tool .

Download Refus boot able tool . Click Here


Wait for some mintues process need to stop .

Press key Dell or F11 to go to boot menu

If it will detect your USB , Blue Screen will come on your PC screen.

You can following up installations on Welcome screen.

Windows 10 OS will take 20 min to install depends on your PC hardware

Once downloaded, you can also click on upgrade this system now .


Click upgrade if you version will be a year older then the newest version will going to be installed soon.

Wait for installation process to be completed.

You PC will restarts several times , make your power will be connected and on.

It will detect your existing license after installation finished.

These all steps have been tested and tried on many times . You can comments in our comment section to ask for any help or watch YouTube videos for advanced help.

Read it carefully all steps are working well and verified by several news tech publishers on Google.

Happy installing !

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  1. Thanks its working. I just upgrade my windows 7 to windows 10 it’s working fine.

    Everything is so smooth, can u create how to install Ubuntu and Linux or any dual boot setup.

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