How to install restricted those Apps not available on Google play!

In this article, we will discuss “How to install restricted android apps that not available in your country via Google Play Store. We will share simpler method to install those apps without any problems. Legit Method, let’s start discuss here.

You can get a solution to the problem that’s an error shows on Google Play store this item’s isn’t available in your country.

Many new applications are published every-sec on the Google Play Store via different countries. Google Play Store different and it varies from countries to countries. This is big problem once you need a app to download but it isn’t available right now in your smartphone store.

If you don’t have access to those applications from Google Play Store. We give you a very simple method by which you will be able to download those applications without any trouble.

Follow these Steps

First of all, you need to download a VPN application named Tunnel Bear & Hole which is very popular in this solution.

Second, you need to delete the data of your Google Play Store and also need to wipe the app cache.

Third, You need to go into the settings and applications manager and Google Play Store wipe of the clear the data into store.


Fourth. Finished clearing the data, you need to open the Google Play Store open again in your Android and while running VPN i.e VPN country > United States

Google will automatically detect your location and download Google Play Store took almost 30 seconds to install.


You need to update all applications updates and rest of any apps that you will easily find at your Google.

Alternative Method:

Go to Apkmirror, search your app name.

Download apk , Installing by giving permission to unknown sources in your file manager.

Wait to install.

Note to Readers

In case, you wanted to download any game obb files or cracked applications

We don’t recommended to install any of these apps , they are malware designed to spoiled your device security.

Avoid these things to do!


With VPN, you can download any apps on Google Play Store via simple change your location at any other country on smartphone.