How to solved redirected you too many times request chrome?

WordPress user faced too many redirected too many times error in the blog or in chrome sometimes. The error faced too any times due to sitemap issue couldn’t fetch by Google Bots. Google Console is the new website allow users to publish website on all over the internet. Users need a fresh blog website on a reliable web hosting service provider having a premium theme.

WordPress user faced this page couldn’t be located on all browser. Follow these steps below.

First, Check out the Redirection too many times Requests.


If you faced such an issue in your WordPress Blog. Go to your Google Console. Login with your Gmail id ( [email protected]). If you ever created first time, Make sure follow on screen instruction. Paste your domain URL into URL prefix. Follow all instructions on screen carefully.

In Google Console Dashboard, Check out Google Dashboard Setting

Performance menu shows your blog graph visitors performance statistics.

Head to the Sitemaps setting. Check first, if Sitemaps error couldn’t fetch 804.

We suggest you to add your own sitemaps with the help Yoast SEO. Install Yoast SEO in your blog for beginner. Head to the Yandex sitemaps setting. This will open in another tab bar. How to solved redirection 301 or 404s in WordPress?

Third Step, copy yoast sitemap URL and paste into Google Console sitemap URL bar. Check again after some minutes, It will show success .

Go to the website too many request error page. Refresh it again and now page will work as usual normal back.

Pro Tip: This error could be rise due to one another problem. Check your redirection plugin 404s error. Tap on search bar. Search sitemap’s or sidemap_index.xml . Sometimes by mistake , redirection common arise different URL.

You had learn all steps , “How to solved redirected too many times request errors in WordPress?”