[Exclusive Guide] How to Use CatchUp App by Facebook

Social networking Facebook has launched a new app called CatchUp that let your friends and family together to make voice-calls and groups calling along with video calling goes up to eight participants.

This app is called Catchup is developed by Facebook’s a new experimental ( NPE ) tea currently being testing only in US while global rolling out in upcoming 1-2 months possible.

You can download the app from App Store or Google Play. If you want to give a try like you are living in US.

How to use CatchUp App

  • Create a new profile using your device’s phone number. You do not need a Facebook Account or App to use this App.
  • Tab on the Toggle at the top-right of the screen to set yourself as “available”. Others users will see you listed as “Ready to Talk,” and can call you or add you to a group.
  • To start your own call, With just a tap “Join” next to anyone listed under “Ready to Talk”.
  • If you want to include others on a call, tab over to the contracts list then tap “add” next to their name. You can also tap the “Privacy” icon to adjust the group settings and make a conversation opens for anyone to join.
  • To keep it private, It up to eight users in group call at a time.

Users find below the “Offline” section is a “Contacts” list. There are users from yours phone’s contacts who do not have CatchUp installed. Others users need to tap on “invite” to invite them to install it.

Should you use CatchUp?

Yes, The CatchUp is a excellent idea which is similar to WhatsApp messenger already has voice, video and text conversations now supports Zoom-like meeting with up 50 people. Facebook targets Apple FaceTime Audio with its new experimental app “CatchUp“.