How Trump’s Threats China Business over Covid-19

The President Donald Trump mentioned in all over his statements in US media, the creation of COVID-19 knows as Corona Virus in the Wuhan, China Lab. In USA as per present record, USA confirmed cases reached 1.42 millions excluding 20,568 cases today. Total recovered cases are 244k while 84,763 death of people are mentioned over Google COVID-19 chart.

President US confirmed, he has evidence to prove, China made this deadly virus as they were aware of virus infection spread. They didn’t inform WHO ( World Health Organization ).

Covid-19 took worldwide 4.35 millions cases, 1.55 millions people were recovered and 297k deaths was recorded. This chart records are increases day by day infect no such vaccine has been developed yet.

We advise to our readers, keep follow 1.5M social distancing, Stay at Home, wear mask, plastic glove and follow the rules described by local hospitals or authorities.

US will think to “punishing” China will not only prove easier said than ever, but it could bring risk of financial crisis or ever war in the world. The Trump extended US Trade War in to next year from May 2019 – 2021 over All Chinese network gear.

New reports come out from US Media, They will rise tariffs on China business in next few weeks or months. The Administration can use to go after china in trade, finance and technology.

These key points will effect the whole china economic down in next few months or years. The second options the top white house official’s have discussed the idea of cancelling American’s Dollar to China.

The next option is to restrict US technology based companies in China. President asked to adopt “Made in American Policies”. They said that all technology companies will move their business in American and other countries like India, Vietnam to expand their business for next years.

In April 2018, Trump banned American companies from selling microchips to ZTE, A chine telecom company Huawei equipment maker.