How you can boost your Internet Connectivity?

This is our first guide that you should read it first to boost your Internet Connectivity. You should do is check the speed of your broadband internet connectivity when trying to resolve speed issues.

In our Home area, you have a broadband internet connection can be boosted with some steps need to taken to boost your internet connection speed. This is best things to try when your movie buffering is the slow laoding of web pages.

You can take help of your internet service provider via customer support might help you and it takes time in communication. Don’t worry, there are few things that you can do to boost your broadband connection.

Check Broadband Speed

You can first download the mobile app on your smartphone and connect it with broadband network and run a speed test. It will give you both the download speed and upload speed of your broadband connection.

You need to make sure that unlimited plans without FUP GB / per months that required in getting proper downloading and uploading speed that you get after resolving the broadband problems.

Rest Your Modem

You need to push the rest button in the back modem . It would clear all old data of your broadband’s router in default setting. In this way, your moderm will automatically download all the firmware updates if there are any.

Router’s Location

When setting up a new broadband router in the home place. Signals bands are 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz are preety well and excellent routers in the market to providing best speed in downloading and necessary signals receptions.

Make sure the routers siganls can travel freely and ensure that it keep close to the place where you can surf ayour internet in good speeds.

Troubleshoot Network

User’s need to start troubleshot feature in case any network drive issue faced by the Windows’s OS. You need to update the latest driver software and moderm software need to update it to necessary firmware.

This will provide routers to keep virus free and working at necessary long time conditions.

Clean UP PC

Sometimes in the PC, you need to clean up your necessary temporary folders in the PC and delete the browser cache in order to getting enough speed while surfing your internet connection.

Hoarding thoese unnecesary files and get rid of them. You are done with all these things, run an Internet speed again and see if you get a higher speeds than before.