Huawei in talk with Samsung could manufacture chips to return for smartphone market

Huawei’s Tech Giant ban to doing business in worldwide due to USA Ban was extended for another year in last month. TSMC was forced by the USA government to cutt off the production to manufacture chips for the Chinese tech giant.

Reports came form Korena publications, Hauwei in talk with South Korean Tech Giant Samsung Electronics has been looking for possibilites to keep its smartphone business running interested in Samsung to manufacture chipsets for their mobile and tablets market for future 5G base chip-sets.

Its worth deal to yet to completed, if Samsung could manufacture chipsets for Huawei will able to back in its innovation in mobile leading industries again in around the world. Samsung rumored to use Ultra Violet ( EUV) lithography machines made by Duth company ASL to manufacture 7nm based chipset with machines from Japan. It can supply chips to Huawei.

Huawei still hope not to give up its smartphone business share due to US ban. Since the Samsung electronics is the lifeline of the Huawei to stay back in business.