Independent production approach TikTok for produce TikTok really Tv Show?

The Chinese app TikTok has discussed producing a reality Tv show build around its namesake video app report by the two people familiar with the company’s plans those part of a drive to showcase a different ways of using its videos. TikTok has been approached by independent production companies with pitches, and a debated a few ideas for a show internally.

The company part of Chinese technology giant Byte dance hasn’t decided on a format or a host a show in the involvement. TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 billion times over the past three years earning a place alongside Snapchat , Instagram and YouTube as an essential part of teenagers daily habits.

It first found an audience among teen and tweens and a Tv show could help it reach an older segment of the population. The service is known for loops while people make brief videos set to a certain song. Some of these videos are dances others are pranks and some are just gags. Major celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart and John Krasin ski has begun using it.

First things to be noted, The Tiktok has been most popular app in the world, while ByteDance has a version of TikTok in china called Douyin.

credits: Indian express