India crossed 2.5 million .in domains: NIXI chief

Nixi chief has crossed 2.5 million .in registration, a localised domain name becoming more popular among the second country in Asia, according to reports National Internet Exchange of India (Nixi).

I am happy to inform you that we have already crossed a major milestone of 2.5 million, NIXI chief executive Anil Kumar Jain told ET telecom added that India has the highest adoption of localised domain names after China.

The .in domain is a part of the country code top-level domain or CCTLD. We are now catching the gap between .com and .in by the middle of this year calendar. Nixi logged a turnover of about Rs. 115-crore last year and is expecting a robust growth of least around 25% this year.

The biggest revenue driver is domain business such as .in and .bharat and the other is the internet protocol called national internet registry for internet protocols.