India leads in world AI adoption, thanks to COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world a year ago destryoed world’s health life with strong virus spreads around the world. The high tech organisations adoption across the globe stand together to build covid-19 vaccines with Indian organisations.

According to a global study by PwC India, the highest increase in use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) during COVID-19 times has been witnessed in India.

The study said the India witnessed the highest increase in AI use compared to major economics like Britain, Japan and the US with over 70 percent of Indian organisations having implemented AI in research.

The latest survey in India, AI Adoption in India increased led by the travel and hospitality sector with 89 per cent of the survey firms doing on, followed by telecom, media and technology firms has 86 percent and 73 percent of healthcare and pharma companies during the year 2020.