India making changes in PIL scheme to attract More USA Companies

India is making more few changes in local production manufactures like Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell and more USA companies to attract to start production in the India for the country’s Production Linked Incentive Scheme ( PLI ) program met on Friday and decided to remove some more clauses.

This effect by the Indian government will take advantage to attract more US investment mainly by making India more attractive as a partner in called “China Plus one strategy”.

The changing and constantly developing economic tensions on going in China as US companies are tensed to work in China due to Covid-19 pandemic country declared by US President Donald Trump.

Many companies have been looking to shift parts of their productions units to increase major capacity in Asian countries, like Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Plus one will be long standing to shift parts of productions in the India.

In the country at 40% of its value on various caps to the government PLI incentive’s have been altered as well including some potential worrying clauses that could previously enable the local government to not release incentives to companies in certain conditions.

It is an incentive of 4% to 6% on incremental sales of goods manufactured in India and covered under target segments to eligible companies for a period of five years.

The production of high end phones INR 4,000 crore for the base year followed by INR 8,000 crore, 15,000 crore , 20,000 crore and 25,000 crore for the next four years.