India needs nine times digital skilled workers by 2025

The researcher reports by Amazon Web Services (AWS) reveals that digitally skilled workers currently 12% of India’s workforce and it required nine times with required skilled by 2025.

The report titled “Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential: Changing Digital Skill needs and policy approaches”, prepared by strategy and economics consulting firm Alpha Beta and commissioned by AWS shows that the average workers in India will need to develop seven new digital skills by 2025 to keep in pace with demanded technologies and demand.

The digital skills applied by workers in their jobs today and projects required by workforce over the next five years in six Asian Pacific countries – India, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and South Korean.

The survey research more than 500 digital workers in India and interviewed technology experts, business leaders and policymakers that digital skills are important for non-technology sections like manufacturing and education.

In the sector of manufacturing, cloud architecture design and the ability to create original digital content such as software and web applications will be among the most in demand digital skill by 2025.

In the education sector, the ability to develop digital security and cyber forensics tools and techniques will be an important skill. The increasing use of the internet in teaching and learning especially with remote learning becoming to ensure that schools teachers and students are able to product against cyber- attacks.

The 76% of the digital workers in India today expect digital computing will be required competency for digital workers to perform their jobs by proficiently by 2025.