India panel proposes new regulator for non-personal data: Report

The India government moves to make useful changes in tighten policies on citizen data held and processor by the foreign companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. The high level panel cabinet meeting had set up in the last year to make recommendation on the regulation of “non-personal data” should set a data regulator and require companies to disclose.

These foreign companies will be disclose that how the collect and store personal details or which has been anonymous, a panel tasked to draw up such a regulators said in draft report to make India move on tighter data policies help based on regulations of “non-personal data”.

The regulator policies mentioned in the draft on data viewed by companies that should be anaylse it is used to build their business and describers information that is independent of personal details such as Names, Email Address, phone number, Device id and IP address to protect people’s identity.

Such regulator would be armed with legal powers to request data , supervise data sharing requests and settle as said by Panel chief Kris GopalaKrishnan, a founder of India technology giant Infosys declined to comment on the 30 page undated draft.

A company collecting data beyond a yet unspecified such register as a data business in India as report said with government bodies also subject to the need to disclose what information they collect and store. The panel consulted companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Uber as some international expert.

India has drafted an e-commerce policy an e-commerce policy that calls for a new regulator while a separate privacy under review has upset tech companies. The regulations of non-personal data would be driven by the need to unknown in the form of data.

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